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Fancy - Дискография (1985-2018)
  • Исполнитель: Fancy
  • Альбом: Дискография
  • Года записи: 1985-2018
  • Жанр: EuroDisco
  • Формат | Битрейт: MP3
  • Размер файла: 7222 MB
  • Категории: Дискографии / Диско
Список композиций:
1986.Lady Of Ice
1987.China Blue
1987.Latin Fire
1988.Flames Of Love
1988.Fools Cry
1988.That's Fancy (Promo)
1989.All My Loving (Running Man)
1989.Angel Eyes
1989.No Tears
1990.When Guardian Angels Cry
1990.When Guardian Angels... Rap (Fancy Feat. Grandmaster Tess & Steve D 5)
1991.Fools Cry Rap (Whenever Fools Cry)
1993.Love Has Called Me Home
1993.No Way Out
1994.Beam Me Up (Fancy Featuring High K.)
1994.Long Way To Paradise
1994.Long Way To Paradise (The Remixes)
1995.Again & Again
1995.I Can Give You Love
1996.Colours Of Life
1996.Deep Blue Sky
1996.The Big Dust - Remixes
1998.Come Back And Break My Heart
1998.Flames Of Love
1998.Flames Of Love '98
1998.Long Way To Paradise (Remix '99)
1998.Mega-Mix '98
1998.Slice Me Nice '98
1999.D.I.S.C.O. (Lust For Life)
1999.How Do You Feel Right Now?
2000.Gimme A Sign
2000.Megamix 2000
2000.We Can Move A Mountain
2001.Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
2002.Hor Den Bolero (Bolero)
2002.Pretty Woman
2005.Slice Me Nice (Mr. Rokk Feat. Fancy)
2005.Slice Me Nice (Promo) (Mr. Rokk Feat. Fancy)
2008.A Voice In The Dark
2013.Flames Of Love Megamix
2014.I Should Have Known Better
Albums & Compilations:
1985.Get Your Kicks
1988.Flames Of Love
1988.Gold Remix
1988.Slice Me Nice
1989.All My Loving
1991.Six (Deep In My Heart)
1993.Golden Stars - Golden Hits
1994.It's Me Fancy (The Hits 1984 - 1994)
1995.Blue Planet Zikastar
1996.Christmas In Vegas
1996.Colours Of Life
1998.Best Of Fancy
1998.Hit Party
1999.Blue Planet
2000.Strip Down
2001.Fancy For Fans
2002.Turbo Disco
2003.Best Of... Die Hits Auf Deutsch
2004.Greatest Hits
2004.The Best Productions Vol. 2 - I Love Fancy
2004.Voices From Heaven
2008.Forever Magic
2008.Forever Magic
2009.Christmas Around The World
2009.Disco Forever
2009.Hit Collection
2010.25th Anniversary Box (5 CD)
2011.Colors Of The 80s
2013.The Original Maxi-Singles Collection (2 CD)
2013.Flames Of Love - His Greatest Hits (2 CD+DVD)
2018.30 Years. The New Best Of Fancy

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