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Blue System - Дискография (1987-2009)
  • Исполнитель: Blue System
  • Альбом: Дискография
  • Года записи: 1987-2009
  • Жанр: Euro-Disco
  • Формат | Битрейт: MP3 / FLAC
  • Длительность: 08:55:00
  • Размер файла: 3569 / 11840 MB
  • Категории: Дискографии / Диско
Список композиций:
Promo Singles:
1995.Laila (Remix)
Official Singles:1988.My Bed Is Too Big
1988.Under My Skin
1988.Silent Water
1989.Love Suite
1989.Magic Symphony
1989.Love Me On The Rocks
1990.48 Hours
1990.Love Is Such A Lonely Sword
1990.When Sarah Smiles
1991.Testamente D'Amelia
1991.Deja Vu
1991.It's All Over
1992.Romeo And Juliet
1992.I Will Survive
1994.6 Years - 6 Nights
1994.That's Love
1994.Dr. Mabuse
1996.Body To Body
1996.For The Children
1996.Only With You
1997.Love Will Drive Me Crazy
UK Version:1990.Magic Symphony
Albums:1987.Walking On A Rainbow
1988.Body Heat
1991.Seeds Of Heaven
1991.Deja Vu
1992.Hello America
1993.Backstreet Dreams
1994.21st Century
1994.X - Ten
1995.Forever Blue
1996.Body To Body
1997.Here I Am
Compilations:1998.When You Are Lonely (The Greatest Love Ballads Of Blue System)
2009.The Very Best Of Blue System (Magic Symphonies) (3 CD)
2009.The History Of Blue System (2 CD)
2009.Greatest Hits (Steell Box)
2009.40 Jahre ZDF Hitparade
Bootlegs:2002.My Bed Is Too Big 2002
2002.Behind The Silence 2002

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