Rock Ballads (2023)

Rock Ballads (2023)
  • Исполнитель: VA
  • Альбом: Rock Ballads
  • Год выпуска: 2023
  • Стиль: Rock, Metal
  • Кол-во треков: 273
  • Формат/Кодек: MP3
  • Битрейт аудио (Качество): 320 kpbs
  • Время звучания: 22:29:41
  • Размер файла: 3.03 GB
  • Страна: International
  • Категория: Рок-музыка / Хард-рок и Металл
Accept - Breaking Up Again
Aerosmith - Crazy
A-Ha - Crying In The Rain
Allen & Lande - Eternity
Allen-Lande - Reach A Little Longer
Amatanthe - Amaranthine
Amberian Dawn - Willow of Tears
Anette Olzen - Sad Lullaby
Avantasia - Blowing Out The Flame
Axel Rudi Pell - Gone with the Wind
Axenstar - Northern Sky
Axxis - Only god knows
Barque of Dante - I Will Never Forget
Battle Beast - Far From Heaven
Beast in Black - Ghost In The Rain
Beyond The Black - Through The Mirror
Bon Jovi - Till We Ain't Strangers Anymor
Bonire - You Make Me Feel
Borealis - From the fading screams
Cain's Offering - Into The Blue
Cardiant - EVER SINCE
Cardiant - Shooting Star (Feat. Nitte Valo)
Cardiant - While The Ice Is Cold
Celesty - Kingdom
Celesty - Legacy of hate Part II
Cinderella - Dont know what youve got tilli
Civilization One - Dream On
Civilization One - Reunite
Conquest - I Wanna Be With You
Conquest - When The Skies Fall
Conquest - Winter Has Come
Crown Of Glory - The Lament Of The Wind
Crown of Glory - Save Me
Crowne - Unbreakable
Crowne - Unbreakable (Acoustic)
Cryonic Temple - As I Sleep
Cryonic Temple - Freedom
Cryonic Temple - Heroes Of The Day
Cryonic Temple - Loneliest Man in Space
Cryonic Temple - Swansong of the Last Emperor
Crystal Ball - Bleeding
Crystal Ball - Eternal Flame
Crystal Ball - EXIT WOUND
Crystal Ball - Home Again
Crystal Ball - Stranded
Crystal Viper - Sydonia Bork
Crystal Viper - The Banshee
Crystal Viper - Trapped Behind
Crystallion - The Bravest Of The Brave
Dark Sky - On And On
Derdian - Where I Can Fly
Derdian - Why
Dionysus - Don't Forget
Divinefire - The Show Must Go On
Dragonfly - Regresa A Mi
Dragonforce - Trail Of Broken Hearts
Dragonland - Forever Walking Alone
Dragony - Fallen Star
Dream Evil - Forevermore
Dream Evil - Losing You
Dream Evil - The End
Dream Evil - Unbreakable Chain
Dreamtale - Green Fields
Dreamtale - If You Will Go
Dreamtale - No Angels No More
Dreamtale - Reasons Revealed
Dreamtale - Sail Away
Dreamtale - Silent Path
Eagleheart - Tears of rain
Edguy - Forever
Emerald Sun - Call Of Nature
Emerald Sun - Chasing The Wind
Emerald Sun - Fantasmagoria
Emerald Sun - Mere Reflection
Emerald Sun - Not Alone
Empires Of Eden - The Reckoning
Enemy Eyes - What I Believe
Etherna - Tides of Flowing Time
Europe - Carrie
Excalion - A Walk On A Broken Road
Exlibris - The Arrival
Fairyland - Rebirth
Falling - Falling
Fireland - Believe
Fireland - Open Wide
Firewind - I Confide
Firewind - Land of eternity
Firewind - Longing to Know You
Fox - Home Again
Fox - Nothing Without You
Freedom Call - Kingdom Come
Frozen Land - I Would
FullForce - Smile At The World
Galderia - Galderians
Galderia - Wake up the World
Galneryus - Dawn Of Tragedy
Galneryus - Eternal Regret
Gans'n'roses - Don't cry
Ghost Machinery - Dreamworld
Ghost Machinery - Lost In Time
Gladiators - Dreams Will Never Die
Gladiators - The Eyes Of The Children
Gloryful - Black Legacy
Gloryful - Chased in Fate
Gloryhammer - Silent Tears of Frozen Princess
Golden Resurrection - Moore Lord
Gotic Knights - Dear Queen
Hammerfall - Dreams Come True
HammerFall - Send Me A Sign
HammerFall - Twilight Princess
HammerFall - Winter Is Coming
Hammerfall feat. Noora Louhimo - Second to One (feat. Noora Louhimo)
HB - Away from home
Heavenly - ...Dust To Dust
Heed - Nothing
Highland Glory - Diary Of The Dying
Highland Glory - Somewhere
Highland Glory - The Sacrifice
Highland Glory - This Promise I Swear
Highland Glory - Will We Be Again
Highland Glory - Without You
Holyhell - Fall
Human Fortress - Forgive & Forget
Illusory - Society
Induction - Eternal Silence
Innerwish - Live For My Own
Insania - Angels in the sky
Insania - Gypsys heart
Insania - Time passes by
Iron Mask - Magic Sky Requiem
Iron Savior - Before The Pain
Iron Savior - Break It Up
Iron Savior - Forevermore
Kaledon - Lilibeth
Kenziner - Like A Paradise
Krusader - Ice Blood
Labirinth - Falling rain(acoustic)
Land of Tales - Outlander
Laurenne Louhimo - Hurricane Love
Leverage - Don't Keep Me Waiting
Leverage - Horizon
Leverage - Learn To Live
Lordi - The Children Of The Night
Lords Of Black - Before That Time Can Come
Lunatica - How Did it Come to This
M.KISKE & A.SOMERVILLE - One Night Burning
Magic Kingdom - Heart Of Stone
Majestic - Standing Alone
Majesty - Asteria
Majesty - Guardians Of The Dragon Grail (Orchestral Version)
Majesty - Take Me Home (Acoustic Version)
Majesty - Thunder In The Silence
Manowar - Father
Marco Garaus Magic Opera - Second Chance
Meracle Timeless - Memories
Mercury Falling - Hold On To My Heart
Metal Scent - Rain
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville - Ocean of Tears
Miracle Timeless - Memories
Morning Dwell - Final Tear
Mr.Big - To Be with You
Nautiluz - Unwritten Serenade
Nocturnal Rites - Winds Of Death
Nostradameus - Requiem (I Will Honour Thy Name)
Nostradameus - Without Your Love
Ominous Glory - Love Knows No Distance
Oratory - Story Of All Times
Orden Ogan - Alone in the Dark
Orden Ogan - Take This Light
Ostura - Tears Of Paradise
Other View - In a Tower of Lies
Outloud - It Really Doesn't Matter
Outloud - Lovesigh
Outloud - Someday
Painting The Blue Eyes
Pellek - Don't Belong
Pentakill - Edge of Night
Power Quest - When I'm Gone
Pretty Maids - Please Don't Leave Me
Prey - Beside Me
Rage - Black Room
Reptilian - Change Your Heart
Revolution Renaissance - Frozen Winter Heart
Revolution Renaissance - Keep The Flame Alive
Rise Against - Hero Of War
Royal Jester - Long Way Home
Saidian - Once In My Dreams
Salamandra - Wheels of Time
Scheepers - Before The Dawn
Secret Illusion - Beauty Of A Lie
Secret Illusion - Winter Poem
Serenity - Fairytales
Serenity - Fairytales (Piano Version)
Serenity - Heaven
Serenity - My Final Chapter (Orchestral Version)
Seven Avenue - Children
Seven Gates - On the Moon
Seven Thorns - You're Not Brave (If You Are Not Scared)
Shakra - Acheron`s Way
Shakra - Hopeless
Shakra - How It Feels
Shakra - I Do It My Way
Shakra - I Will Be There
Shakra - Immortal
Shakra - Life's What You Need
Shakra - Lonesomeness
Shakra - Love Will Find A Way
Shakra - Take My Hand
Shakra - Time
Shakra - When I See You
Shakra - Wonderful Life
Shakra -Why
Silent Winter - Silent Cry
Silent Winter - Where the River Flows
Silver heart - Four Moons For My Love
Silverheart - Lost Before Had
Silverlane - Can't See The Sun
Sixx AM - This is gonna hurt
Skillet - Anchor
Solarus - Holding On
Sonata Arctica - Tallulah
Sonata Arctica - The Misery
Sonata Arctica - The Misery
Sonata Arctica - Tonight I Dance Alone
Storm witch - Nothing More
Stormhummer - Taken by the Devil
Stormwitch - Nothing More
Storyteller - Always be there
Sturm und Drang - A Million Nights
Styx - Boat On The River
Sunrise - Hear Me
Sunrise - Tell Me Why
Supreme Majesty - Eye of the Storm
Supreme Majesty - Never Surrender Alive
Symfonia - Don't Let Me Go
Takida - What You Never Knew
Tales and Legends - Flames of the Fire
Temperance - Empires and Men
Terra Atlantica - Shadows Of Tomorrow
The Barque of Dante - I Will Never Forget
The Ligthbringer of Sweden - Heaven Has Fallen
The Ordeal - Dragon Tears
The Rasmus - Open My Eyes (Acoustic)
The Rasmus feat. Annete Olzon - October & April
The Storyteller - Coming Home
Threshold - Avalon
Thunderstone - Sea of sorrow
ToxicRose - Because Of You
Triddana - Born in the Dark Age
Twilight Force - The Power of the Ancient Force (Hanna Turi Version)
Twilightning - Painting The Blue Eyes
U.D.O. feat Doro - Dancing With An Angel (remix)
U.D.O. feat Factor-2 - Platchet Soldat
UDO - Can't Stand The Night
UFO - Beladonna
Unisonic - You And I
Vandroya - Why Should We Say Goodbye
Victorius - Silent Symphony
Vision of Atlantis - Heal The Scars
Visions of Atlantis - The Last Home
WarKings - Die Flut
Warrior Path - Black Night
Warrior Path - Valhalla I'm Coming
Wings of Destiny - Nothing Last Forever
Wisdom - Unholy Ghost
Wisdom - Wake Up My Life
Within Temptation - Lost
WIZARD - Dont say goodbye
Xandria - Eversleeping
Xystus - A tale of the heart

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